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This website will help you find all the informations you need for your next visit to the Hoosier State, and help you plan your next stay in Indiana by facilitating hotel reservations and giving informations on how to get around in Indiana. The State of Indiana is the 16th largest american state by population when compared to the other states of the USA; a dynamic state with its population on the rise, the US Census Bureau confirms that as of July 1st, 2011 the Indiana State population has climbed by 0.51% since a year before, with its current level of 6,516,922 residents.

Indiana has generously contributed to american history since its infancy; this is an important American State in more ways than one. If you are planning on travelling to the Indiana State soon there are great deals to be had, this site is designed to help making every aspect of your upcoming stay in Indiana a perfect experience.

Being centrally located in the United States, getting to Indiana isn't difficult or particularily expensive. Because of this central location, getting there by train makes sense from most american locations; for people coming from farther out locations they can get here by air, as there are four main international and regional airports in the largest cities of the Indiana State: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville and South Bend. Of course many more smaller airports also exist in Indiana.

By car, the Interstate 70 (I-70) which begins close to the east coast city of Baltimore goes right through Indianapolis; but there are many more ways to reach the Indiana state by car and it is beyond the scope of this site to describe them all.

General informations

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To say a few words about climate in Indiana State, Indiana has what we call humid continental climate; which means cold winters and enough rain/snow all year-round; we do find a hotter climate as we get closer to the southern tip of Indiana. As mentioned earlier, the major cities in the State of Indiana are: Indianapolis, the state's capital, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Evansville and Gary, which is considered a suburb of Chicago.

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Indianapolis, IN: Indy is of course the capital of the Indiana state; and as such it is a large and economically prosper city with many attractions.  Please visit this page, if you are looking for more info about Indianapolis.

Gary is unique by many aspects... Situated right at the tip of Lake Michigan, fairly close to Chicago, it enjoys it's own unique climate zone. Gary is where King of Pop Michael Jackson was born and spent his early childhood! Please visit this page for more info about City of Gary.

At the southern tip of the Indiana State... far south enough so that the climate is actually warmer than what you experience in the North; Please visit this page for more info about Evansville.

Fort Wayne, IN: North-east of the Indiana State's territory is where the second largest city of the state by population located: Fort Wayne. Fort Wayne is also an important city for conducting business in Indiana: visit this page for more info about Fort Wayne.'s disclaimer and privacy policy.